Children and youth

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Jesus said children are important. The Church supports parents as they explore how Christianity applies to family life.

A core value is to make sure that every child and young person that comes into contact with the church has the opportunity to find out about Jesus and how to follow Him.

There are five different children’s groups that meet on a Sunday:

Pebbles – for babies and toddlers

Rox – for infant school aged children

eXtreme – for junior school aged children

Teens – for teenagers

In addition the following groups take place during the week:

Little Stones

This parent and toddler group meets on a Tuesday morning between 9:45am and 11.45am. It is very popular and can get fully quickly so it is always advisable to arrive early.


LiveWires is a hugely popular youth club which meets on a Friday between 6:30pm – 8.00pm for school years 4-9.