Chaplaincy and Gather

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We began our chaplaincy venture in February 2015, and now have 18 trained people who are present in the building at Community Wise during many different times of the week.

Chaplaincy is mainly about being available to listen to people; a much needed skill in a world where there are lots of opinions and outside influences, but not so much time and space to simply be heard.

There is more information about our chaplaincy team by the shop at Community Wise, along with an invitation to make a specific appointment with one of them, should anyone wish to.


Gather is led by our chaplaincy team and is a place where anyone will be made welcome. We have created a space to play games, knit/sew, read the papers, do jigsaws, and just enjoy spending time together.

We serve coffee/tea throughout the morning, and provide a homemade seasonal lunch which we eat around a communal table.

Gather has been active since October 2015, and now sees nearly 50 people coming each week with members contributing cakes, flowers and much more to this valuable community.

We meet every Friday from 11.00am – 3pm.